Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tell the City to Take Action

The city of Ann Arbor continues to stall and delay its plans for an off-leash dog play area. As of now, there will be no safe and legal off-leash area in Ann Arbor until at least October 2007. Of course, last June we were told that it would be available in Fall of 2006 so that's a best-case-scenario.

Contact the people who can make this happen sooner and tell them that we need a dog park NOW.
Who to contact:

Mayor John Hieftje:

Manager of Parks and Recreation
Christen Smith:

Your City Council Member:
Find information at:

Important Points:
  • The city maintains over 2,000 acres of park land, but not a single acre for dogs
  • Playing off-leash in a non-designated area is illegal and unsafe
  • Last June we were promised an off leash area by Fall 2006
  • The city PROS plan identifies off-leash play area as one of the parks system's most pressing needs
  • Our dogs cannot wait indefinitely, we need an area NOW
  • The city has the resources to make this happen, it only lacks the will
Be polite but firm and let us know in the comments if you get any feedback.

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