Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is YOUR Dog a Criminal?

Allowing a dog to be off-leash on city property is grounds for a fine up to $500.00

"Fine, but the city usually looks the other way" you say?

You should know that the city is currently negotiating with the AAPD for increased patrols of parks. One of the primary aims of these increased patrols will be to crack down on the off-leash "problem."

So Ann Arbor is willing to pour money into an operation that could cost you for enjoying the city with fluffy, but they won't take action to provide you a place to do it for free. WHY NOT?

Contact the city using the links at the right and demand that they take care of this "problem" the right way. And demand that they do it NOW.

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Ness said...

Hell, yeah, my dogs are criminals! The way everyone is when they drive above speed limit, try the grapes at Meijer, or violate some other code.

The way I see it, enforcing leash laws with fines is nothing but another income-generator for the city that does nothing to solve the 'problem' at hand. Kinda like speed traps and parking fines. If the city were truly interested in finding a viable solution to this 'problem', they'd do something constructive...