Thursday, April 26, 2007

Canine Social Club No More?

For several years the group doing most of the organizing around the Ann Arbor dog park issue was the Canine Social Club. I tried a few times to get involved with them or at least to get on their e-mail list with little luck. I always figured that my e-mail was filtering their messages or something similar on my end. But their web page (dead link) has been down for at least a week now so I suspect that there is a bigger problem.

I hope the CSC hasn't met its end under the weight of frustration and ongoing struggle, we really need that kind of grass-roots organization if we are going to get results. I have contacted a former member and will be getting more information this weekend. Also I hope to run into some CSC people at the Ward Park meeting tonight and find out where they stand. I'll let you, both of my loyal readers, know what I find out right here as soon as I know something.

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