Thursday, April 17, 2008

Action Item - Thank The City/County

The dogparks that the city and county opened this fall are a wonderful addition to our community... even if they are a bit overdue. Now that we have this resource, take some time to thank a city or county official.

You can use the links in the column on the right of this page that we used to advocate for these parks in the summer. Those are the people who made this happen, especially the Ann Arbor Parks Advisory Committee (PAC) and the good people at Ann Arbor Parks & Rec.

I know they are interested in public reactions, one of the reasons it took so long to get these off the ground was fear of public backlash. And more to the point, these folks worked very hard to make this happen and they deserve a pat on the back.

So from us here at Arbordogblog to all of the people who let this happen, here is a very belated public THANK YOU!!!

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