Saturday, April 19, 2008

Temporary Closings Coming to Swift Run

I have heard from a couple of sources now that Swift Run will be closed temporarily for "a couple of weeks" in mid-May. This will allow some maintenance including addition of gravel to the entryway, reseeding of grass in the muddy areas, and possibly the construction of a path around the perimeter of the park.

I do NOT have any official information about this and I don't know what other things might be done during this time, but both of the sources I heard this from are reliable. It looks like there will be an article in the AA News early next week about these plans, hopefully we'll get more details there.

As I understand it, Olson Park will remain open during this time so there will still be at least one legal off-leash area in the city. Also, there had been talk in the fall about using the temporary Southeast Area Park (the one that was available from September through November last year) when Swift Run has to close for maintenance. I have NOT heard either way whether that will be open in May...

Stay tuned.

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